Reliable Upper Florida Keys Marine Services Worth Using

Keys Marine Services - Reliable Boat Repair Services

The Florida Keys is likely one of the most unique areas in Florida. And unlike being in a big city, finding reliable and trustworthy services is an important factor. When it comes to boat repair, it comes as no surprise, boat owners look for the best boat maintenance and repair services to maintain a boat.

Keys Marine Services located in Key Largo, Florida does just that! Keys Marine has been in business for 7+ years providing quality marine repair services with great customer support.

Are you looking for a professional boat repair service?

Keys Marine can provide the following services:

  • Professional and Reliable On-Site Services
  • Top provider of lower unit rebuilds
  • State of the Art professional computer engine diagnostics with up-to-date specifications on all engines and cylinder compression testing.
  • Monthly Maintenance Plan to keep engines and vessels top-notch!
  • Pre-Buy inspections
  • Electronic repair and installations
  • Licensed & Insured

Other engine-related services:

  • 100-hour boat service
  • Oil change
  • Spark plugs replacement
  • Fuel/water separator
  • Fuel filters
  • Oil filters
  • Water pumps
  • Gear oil change,
  • Engine desalting,
  • Battery testing/replacement
  • Trim/tilt repair,
  • Carburetor rebuild,
  • Throttle body cleaning and much more!

Boat and Yacht Monthly Maintenance Plans That Make Sense!

Keys Marine Services offers a monthly boat maintenance plan. The maintenance plan provides marine services by coming out once a month to check on your vessel. On scheduled monthly on-site boat service visits Keys Marine technicians will flush out the fuel/water separator, flush out the engine with fresh water, check on fuel quality & oil quality, test batteries, and check on bilge pumps.

Their commitment to their customers using the plan, is they make sure your vessel is up to par and water-ready!